Long Distance 13th age

Beginning adventures

You all met. How you want this to have played out is open to me but I shall assume you all had some taste for adventure and decided to follow all those stories you hear about Adventuring Parties. After meeting you have found your adventures so far to be lackluster. After the last task of searching for the lost goat you thought maybe going back to your former careers. Relaxing in a small town tavern drinking the watered beer and eating roast goat, when a Dwarf rambles up and introduces himself as Ivan Orlov of the Silver Anvil mercenaries. he buys you all a bottle of the good stuff and some cheese and bread to go with the goat meat. He tells ow the company is currently up North fighting the Orc Lord and his horde. How they need good men for fighting and good adventurers to take on those hard to do tasks. He hands them a silver token bearing the symbol of a forge. Take this to Axis and head to the barracks district. There you can show this coin and gain admittance. He tells of the benefits, the pay, the Dwarven made weapons and armor. He gives you a small pouch of gold to see you on the way to Axis, which is 3 days north of your current position. So begins your adventure.


I get my gear ready for the journey and get a good night’s sleep for an early start (set my favored enemy to beasts. or whatever seems appropriate for the journey to Axis.

Beginning adventures

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