Pold Grower

Novice wizard with a sad past.


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Icon relations:
Great Gold Wyrm
Lich King

Name: Pold Grower
Lvl: 1 Cool Wizard
Good Male Human
Age: 17
Height: 6’1" Weight: 175 lbs Deity:

Base Stats
STR: 9 HP Max: 24
CON: 15 Recoveries: 8 @ d6/Level + 2
DEX: 15 Defenses
INT: 18 AC: 12
WIS: 14 PhysicalD: 12
CHA: 13 MentalD: 14

Advancements: 1 – Spells + 1

Initiative: + 3 (Dex Mod + Level) Speed:?? Passive Insight:?? Passive Perception:??

Cantrips Choose 8 Talents Choose 3
Alarm High Arcane +1 to attacks after hitting with sorcerer at-will.
Arcane Mark Evocation Once per battle, before attacks deal max damage on one spell.
Ghost Sound Wizard Familiar Peregrine Falcon Flight, Scout
Knock Spells +2 AC while wearing cloth armor or no armor
Light Disguise Self +3 dmg with cold spells, enemies within 2 become slowed if yu take cold dmg.
Mage Hand Magic Missile Target hit with cold power gains vulnerable cold 5.
Mending Color Spray
Prestidigitation Ray of Frost Add (Con mod) to healing surge value.
Spark Acid Arrow Use dragon breath as an encounter power. Deals Cold damage. Use CON for Dragon Breath
Feats 12 Counter-Magic +1 to attacks while bloodied.
Blank 12 Elemental Bolt power deals cold damage.
Blank 7 Arcane powers add CON to damage. Use CON for AC.
Blank 12 Gain Elemental Escalation power and more uses at levels 3, 7, and 13.
Blank 5 Gain Ice Prison. Gain resist 5 cold.
Blank 8 +2 Arcana. +1 to attacks against target, until EoNT, after hitting with arcane at-will.
Streetwise 10 Educated Action When you spend an action point, re-roll attack roll before the end of your next turn.
Thievery 8

Class Powers
|Hand|Grab stuff|
|Light|Make Bright|

Magic Items
Magic Daggar +6
Straight wand of MAGIC.


Pold was raised by a Godfather and Aunt in a small village across the sea from Axis. As part of his chores of tending to their quaint farm, he was made to study diligently the spells and abilities of a wizard of the Archmage. Although he always downplayed his strength and was secretive about his past the Godfather had deep knowledge of magic and was quick to instruck TBD in the correct way to do things.

In a sad turn of events both his home was attacked by what appeared to be a plain band of thugs. TBD was away at the time, but when he returned all that he found was their destroyed house and a couple of dead thugs with lots of horse tracks around.

Having lost his only home and seeking revenge on those who would harm others for no reason he joined up with the Mercenaries. At least this way he could but his Godfathes Legacy to use.

Pold Grower

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