Ranger Bounty Hunter


Icons :
Elf Queen / ambiguous/conflicted
High Druid / Ambiguous / positive
Prince of Shadows / Ambiguous / Conflicted

Name: Hergost
Lvl: 1
Class: Ranger
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Age: 24
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 195 lbs

Base Stats
STR: 15 +2 HP Max: 32 Stagger: 16
CON: 13+1 Recoveries: 8 @ d8 per Level + Con mod
DEX: 20 +5 Defenses
INT: 13 +1 AC: 16
WIS: 14 +2 PhysicalD: 14
CHA: 8 -1 MentalD: 12

Gear: Longbow, 2 hand axes, backpack full of traveling equipment


Was taken in by the Emperor’s Home (an Orphanage) as early as he can remember. Has always loved the outdoors and hunting and befriended an old trap from whom he learned all of his tracking lore and this lead to his job as a forest guide.

After some time doing this he was introduce to a High end big game Hunting club who he became a guide for (taking rich lords on hunting trips for large or dangerous animals and put together the expeditions.)

This eventually lead him to an encounter with some of the high druids people. Which in turn lead to him becoming a junior warden of a section of forest.

While guiding a group of merchants they were ambushed while he had gone ahead to find a way around a washed out section of road. The merchants were killed and their cargo taken.

While trying to track the bandits back to their lair he encountered a group of Bounty Hunters from the Grey League a bounty hunting organization that happened to be out looking for the group that he was tracking back to their lair.

He joined up with them for a while helping out till he decided to strike out on his own and began meeting up with his current companions


Long Distance 13th age Gundar74